Yesterday, February 14th, was the day that use of PIN rather than signature at the point of sale became ‘obligatory’ in the UK. Or rather, liability for all non PIN verified transactions shifted to the retailer. So it was a good day for a confirmed signature sighting: Rymans, Tottenham Court Road – no Chip and PIN installation, signature in full use, one rather irritated and embarrassed sales assistant. Is Rymans a fraud magnet, I wonder? I doubt that anyone is going to risk prison for a nice multi-pack of polythene folders but they do sell mobile phones…


  1. “I doubt that anyone is going to risk prison for a nice multi-pack of polythene folders”
    Depends how much they want a cigarette, I suppose! According to the BBC…
    “Q&A: Ban on smoking in public
    MPs have voted to ban smoking in all enclosed public places in England.
    Where will you be able to smoke?
    People will still be able to smoke outdoors, and in private homes, plus places that Ms Hewitt says are “like homes”, such as care institutions, army barracks, and prisons.”
    So, as was pointed out in The Telegraph this morning (Barcelona edition), if you have a cigarette in a pub (where you’re not allowed to smoke) you will be punished by being sent to prison (where you are).

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