Our mobile devices have become the remote control for our lives. We communicate, navigate and access services through our mobiles. Whilst this is hugely convenient, it’s not without risk. Significant quantities of data and ever increasing bandwidth make mobile applications an attractive target for bad actors.

How do you offer the assurance of safe and secure transaction services to your customers and stakeholders? This isn’t just about compliance, this is about brand reputation. Data leaks, man-in-the-middle attacks, application interference and application decompiling are all preventable scenarios with the right development cycles and a thorough testing approach. 

Consult Hyperion has developed a repeatable and trusted program of mobile application security testing for clients across the globe. We have vast experience in security testing mobile application and in security design advisory for a variety of industry sectors and clients including banks, payment providers, e-Voting providers and retail service providers. Our penetration testing team consists of highly skilled ethical hackers and security consultants with deep knowledge and experience in mobile operating systems, cloud systems, cryptography, smart cards, and information security. We hold industry relevant security certifications and have years of experience in providing strategic and technical feedback to institutions including banks on the security of mobile applications used in banking, payment, and electronic voting services.

Our consultants are experienced in formulating and reviewing security design, identifying risks, and translating the impact of those risks if exploited by an attacker. Our ethical hackers can pinpoint defects in source code and in implementation, reverse engineer, and tamper mobile app/builds. We can perform runtime introspection of the mobile apps, at runtime hook onto interesting routines, inject/tamper data and attack API endpoints and attempt to subvert the underlying business logic for unwarranted gain. Our team also has strong experience in exploit development, designing and bypassing code obfuscation, and designing and implementing security hardening techniques.

Our work includes security assessments and risk analysis on the services prior to public release, source code reviews and white-box penetration testing activities and building robust models of security design for resilient commercial solutions.

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