The user experience will make, or break, mobile payments

Being a keen consumer of baked pastry goods, and having a firm desire to see the pieces of plastic & cardboard in my wallet transferred to my phone, you can understand my excitement when the award-winning Greggs Rewards app was released early in 2014. The app combines the processes of payment, loyalty, and rewards into…

Wallets, wallets everywhere! Which ones have an edge today?

As someone that is exposed to the payments industry, attends conferences, reads the industry publications and generally interested in all things payment related, even I am surprised at the number of mobile wallets that are available.  Everyone wants me to download his or her e-wallet to my mobile phone – from Starbucks, to Square Wallet…

Google Wallet Review

Google Wallet is back!  They have moved away from a focus on NFC to an e-wallet that will work with all mobile phones and have drastically reduced the friction with merchants, banks, mobile carriers and customers. Downloading the Google Wallet app to my iPhone was quick and easy.  After downloading the wallet, it asks you…

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