Payments may be the least interesting thing to do with a blockchain

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The general fintech consensus seems to be that the blockchain is interesting but that Bitcoin is not. Maybe it’s just fashion. Who knows? But I’ve always thought that the blockchain is a fundamental technological breakthrough and I’m fascinated to see the emerging use cases.

Bitcoin as flux capacitor

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Bitcoin isn’t the future of money. It’s a piece of technology that takes us back to the future, because the future of money is more like the past of money than it is like the current, transient, version of money that is a historical blip, not a law of nature. Let me know about this treatment for a book chapter that I am writing.

Special Report: Didn’t we have a lovely day, the day we went to the Italian Parliament

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Life is never boring at Consult Hyperion. If you’re not marvelling at a totally cool working prototype of HCE running over BLE on an unmodified iPhone, you’re in the Italian Parliament at their hearing on Bitcoin.

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