In this webinar, we explored the role of technical due diligence in investment cycles and took a deeper look into the significance behind raises for cybersecurity startups. According to Pitchbook, cybersecurity startups have raised $17.7 billion which is more than a 70% increase from last year’s record of $10.2 billion. These figures are huge, but at the other end of the scale, pre-seed and seed activity are on the up. As everything we do in our day-to-day lives becomes connected, security becomes more and more significant.

Security is an area we can’t cut corners on. If you’re looking to invest in a security start-up, where do you get the data from to support your decisions?

This panel was moderated by our Global Ambassador, Dave Birch. We were delighted to be joined by Jonathan Luff Co-Founder at Cylon, our Technical Director, Gary Munro, and Howard Hall, Managing Director CHYP Americas who spoke about the growing importance of investment in security, sharing experiences of delivering a structured approach to technical due diligence and highlighting the importance of this process, at whatever stage your business is at.  

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