About us

We are an independent consultancy, trading since 1986 and have grown to be globally recognised as thought leaders and experts in the areas of:

We are unique in that we provide advisory and technical consulting services tailored to your specific needs, and can leverage our own research, development and testing laboratory.

We live and breathe transaction technology and have a strong understanding of it. Everything that we do is grounded in real problems that we can provide real solutions for. With backgrounds in electronic transactions, information security, data privacy, risk management, and cryptography, we have been intimately involved in projects that have changed the way people live and work on a daily basis. Our clients are businesses from small start-ups to multi-national corporations that continue to inspire and amaze us.

We are impartial, flexible, responsive, trusted, technical experts and thought leaders.

Being an independent consultancy, we don’t sell or promote any third-party solutions, partner or form strategic relationships with third-party vendors.

Contact us for a no obligation conversation on how we can help you.

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