Identity and building trust

Our experience

We have extensive experience in digital identity covering governance, regulatory and technical aspects of networked digital identity as well as the digital identity needs of individual organisations.
  • Governments and the public sector: We advise governments on their digital identity strategies enabling them to serve their customers better. This has included specifying national identity and entitlement cards, designing digital identity services for digital government as well as supplier selection and due diligence.
  • Banks and Mobile Operators: Regulated organisations such as banks and mobile operators have an important role in digital identity as well as have stringent identity and authentication needs of their own. We develop digital identity strategies, define target architectures and advise on implementing digital identity for banks and mobile operators. This includes for individual organisations and consortia.
  • Payments networks: Transformation and disruption of payments is causing payment networks to diversify their services. Digital identity and the broader exchange of verified customer data is a natural area for payments networks to move into. We define strategies, develop commercial models, write trust frameworks and service architectures. A key part of our role is bringing insight into and access to comparable digital identity initiatives in other parts of the world.
  • Solution providers and investors: Digital identity solutions are being developed by a wide range of suppliers across the world. We work with individual providers, validating their services and advising on go-to-market. We perform technical due diligence on digital identity solution providers for potential investors.

What can we do for you?

Our specialist consultants can help you by working closely and efficiently with you to provide the following kinds of services:
  • Help you understand the global digital identity landscape through interactive workshops.
  • Use digital identity models and scenario planning to develop digital identity roadmaps and strategies.
  • Analyse and advise on potential governance models.
  • Develop business and technical architectures for digital identity services.
  • Development of trust frameworks.
  • Author requirements and technical specifications.
  • Vendor selection and technical due diligence.
  • Assess compliance against relevant regulations including AML/KYC and GDPR.
  • Security risk assessments and privacy impact assessments.

Rebuilding trust on the internet

The internet is great. It enables us to work from home, keep in touch, shop and much more. But the internet is not without its problems.
  • It is full of fraudsters wanting to steal information and money.
  • It is difficult for some people to access or use.
  • If something changes (e.g. you move home, you get a new phone, you forget your password) getting back up and running can be a pain.
These are the problems that Consult Hyperion is seeking to solve. We help organisations like governments, banks and mass transit operators work out what they can do to make their digital services safer, easier to use and more accessible. We do this by working with the latest digital identity technologies such as biometrics, mobile security, and cryptography. Using our global experience and extensive network we can help you navigate a complex and fast changing digital identity landscape.

Rebuilding trust is a long game, what about now?

Ultimately, we hope to see ubiquitous digital identity solutions that are accessible, easy to use, secure and privacy respecting. We hope to see identity credentials that are issued digitally to people and organisations allowing them to seamlessly interact and transact with each other. For this vision to become reality several things need to happen. Organisations need to see the value of providing identity data to their customers. Technology and standards need to mature. Governance frameworks need to be established. Regulation needs to adapt to allow fully digital solutions. We are working with key organisations and industry bodies to achieve this. In the meantime, there is an important role for mobile technology that bridges the physical and digital worlds, allowing individuals to use government issued paper documents to assert their identity online, with needing to go into a branch or send documents in the post. These solutions are many and varied. We can help benchmark solutions in the absence of established standards, map against local regulatory requirements and assist in vendor selection.

Our global contribution

As indicated on the map below, we have supported many clients across the world and can assist in the design, development and deployment of identity strategies and solutions. World map of identity-based projects

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