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Our Associates programme provides more flexibility for our clients and our team. It allows us to support larger projects as well as providing specialist expertise that is complementary to our inhouse capabilities. As an Associate, all engagements with Consult Hyperion give you the chance to participate in market leading projects, with emerging technologies and for high profile clients. The work we undertake impacts the mass market every single day, on every continent.

  • We’re experts. Our clients know and appreciate our reputation. Quality is imperative.
  • When a client appoints Consult Hyperion, whether an Associate or a permanent member of staff is engaged, we are completely committed to the success of the project for the entire lifecycle.
  • We provide oversight of all work performed and are ultimately responsible for the quality of delivered work.
  • We provide continuity from one project to the next through our extensive knowledge of individual client strategies and the wider industry.

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