Certification is required to ensure products and services meet scheme-specified criteria. Consult Hyperion offers a full suite of certification services utilising our in-house testing lab.

Over recent years, the complexity of managing certification programs has increased with the scope of potential payment and authentication mechanisms available. Rising diversity across access channels, acceptance terminals, form factors and personal devices dictate the need to identify and run an ever-expanding number of test cases and scenarios. This can dramatically increase the time it takes to get a product certified, creating barriers to entry for the schemes and increasing costs for vendors.

We utilise a range of proprietary resources, alongside our extensive experience of working with major payment schemes, to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver certification testing services for schemes and product vendors alike.

Our unique skills

Whether our clients are looking for us to build a test development plan, provide debug services or work with them through the entire certification process, we can deliver. Using our specialist expertise and knowledge, we are in a position to offer a one-stop shop for certification needs and requirements.

The key elements that underpin our core value offering are as follows:

Deep understanding of EMV & payment technology

We are globally recognised thought leaders and experts within the areas of contact, contactless, mobile payments, ticketing and identity. We have written many of the EMV-based payment specifications and related implementation guides, published by both international and domestic schemes. Over the past 30+ years Consult Hyperion has been instrumental in the design, development, testing and certification of major payment schemes globally. Our clients include Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover among others. For the first eight years of the American Express Expresspay service, Consult Hyperion was the only organisation approved by American Express to carry out approval certification on Expresspay card and reader products.

Accelerated timeframes

Our custom testing suite has been specifically designed to reduce time and save cost for our clients. We implement a high level of automation in our tools to assist with the test setup, execution and checking of results allowing us to run a large number of tests without manual interaction. This enables us to achieve the same results as our competitors in a fraction of the cost and time. Our tools can be licensed by our clients and where required, we are also able to create bespoke hardware and software solutions on request.

Pre-certification testing

Embedded within our core offering is the ability to work with vendors prior to certification testing to ensure all functional and performance requirements are met. We work closely with product vendors, using our debug services to identify and diagnose issues that could prevent approval. Once issues are identified and mitigated, the debug process is applied incrementally until no further issues are registered. This ensures that by the time a product is submitted for approval, it is fit to pass.

In-house skills

Our certification testing team is supported by highly skilled software development engineers and supplemented by our consultancy practice. Experienced in a wide range of coding languages as well as new and existing technologies, we leverage our knowledge from working on projects internationally to deliver unprecedented value to our clients. Consult Hyperion has been delivering certification testing services for international schemes and vendors. Contact us to find out more.

How we can help you

We offer the following services:

Terminal product

Terminal Level 2 certification

Our in-house lab, Hyperlab, is approved by American Express to perform Level 2 certification of their Expresspay kernel on traditional POS terminals, mPOS terminals and SoftPOS.

We use our in-house developed Certification Tool, TExAS, to perform Level 2 certification. It has also been thoroughly assessed and qualified by American Express for Level 2 Expresspay kernel certification. TExAS is semi-automated, thereby achieving accelerated timeframes. With a Certification Team dedicated to your needs, we endeavour to accommodate your timelines and assist you through the pre-certification (debugging) and certification process.

Card or Mobile payment instrument

Smart card application testing

CardCracker is our proprietary smart card application test tool, which can test both contact and contactless cards or even mobile phones with contactless ability.

The key features of CardCracker are its card reading ability, its script processor and local or remote connectivity. It can be used to simulate error conditions or unusual scenarios not often seen in live terminals to verify that the card application’s behaviour follows the specification. American Express thoroughly assessed and approved CardCracker for supporting Type Approval activities for American Express AEIPS and Expresspay Card payment products.

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This automated Contactless Test station developed in-house is just one example of the capabilities that we offer, designed with you in mind.

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