Hyperion Systems Limited is a company registered in England
Chyp USA Inc is a company registered in New York USA, majority owned and controlled by Hyperion Systems Limited
Hyperion Systems Limited and Chyp USA Inc utilise the trading name “Consult Hyperion”.
The use of the name “Consult Hyperion” or “CHYP USA,” is for convenience only and does not imply that all or any of such entities are in partnership together or accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of each other. Legal responsibility for the provision of services to clients is defined in contract Terms and Conditions entered into between clients and the relevant Hyperion Systems Ltd entity and these should be relied upon in determining liability for the services provided. In the absence of explicit agreement and consent of both entities involved, no Hyperion Systems Ltd entity is responsible for the acts or omissions of, nor has any authority to obligate or otherwise bind, any other Hyperion Systems Ltd entity.
In order to provide our services, Hyperion Systems Ltd will ask for information about you and the nature of the proposed work for the purpose of conflict checking, client identification procedures and other bona fide purposes. This information (which may include personal data) may be disclosed to any Hyperion Systems Ltd entity and/or some or all of our members for such purposes.
Frauds and Scams
Please be aware that in order to perpetrate a scam or fraud, criminals may pose as someone from Hyperion Systems Ltd (Consult Hyperion or CHYP USA Inc.) Usually these scams or frauds are carried out by fake emails suggesting you may receive a financial benefit. The emails often also contain links to supposedly relevant websites. To be effective the scam or fraud requires you to enter into communication with the fraudster, either by responding to the email or by clicking the attached link. If you receive an email of this nature, do not correspond with the sender. It is highly unlikely that it originates from Hyperion Systems Ltd. If you are advised that we have changed Hyperion Systems Ltd banking details, asked for money or your bank details please contact us immediately at info@chyp.com
Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
Hyperion Systems Ltd has anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and procedures, which apply to all our employees worldwide. These policies prohibit the making, offering or promising to make a payment or transfer of anything of value including the provision of any service, gift, or entertainment for any improper purpose or business advantage. These policies apply to dealings with all third parties on our behalf. They specifically prohibit such dealings with government personnel and other officials for the purpose of improperly obtaining or retaining business or for any other improper purpose or business advantage.
United Kingdom
Consult Hyperion, a limited liability company registered in England as Company No: 1955749, provides consultancy services from Guildford. Hyperion Systems Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the The Companies Act 2006. The registered office of Consult Hyperion Ltd is Tweed House, 12 The Mount, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4HN, United Kingdom.
Hyperion Systems Ltd is registered for the purpose of VAT in England and Wales (VAT number GB 413631386). Its professional indemnity insurance is provided by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited at Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd Registered in England Number 70234 Registered Office 1 Great St Helen’s, London EC3A 6HX. Its territorial coverage is worldwide.
United States of America
CHYP USA Inc. which provides consultancy services from New York, is an incorporated company registered in USA with registration number 4632936, CHYP USA Inc. is authorised and regulated by the Department of State, State of New York under registration number 4632936. The registered office of CHYP USA Inc. is 535 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United State of America
CHYP USA Inc. Tax registration number is 46-1221428. Its professional indemnity insurance is provided by Bentson Insurance Group at 653 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310. Its territorial coverage is USA.

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