Our in-house lab, is approved by American Express to perform Level 2 certification of their Expresspay kernel on traditional POS, mPOS and SoftPOS devices. We have developed test and certification tools to support the expert knowledge within our team. Dedicated to supporting your timelines and delivering a comprehensive debugging and certification service.


Our card test tool, used for communicating with contact and contactless cards, wearables, mobiles and devices across a variety of payment network specifications and technologies. CardCracker can be used to assist with product development, investigating issues, and certification. With a built in scripting engine to enable users to build custom test suites, allowing teams to test every aspect of their new feature sets. Frequently updated to support new features and technologies.

Qualified for use with the American Express card test plans.

Certification: AEIPS 4.5 / Expresspay 4.1 Card Certification Suite.


ChypTest ensures Test plans are fully developed, providing full traceability between specification and test scripts. ChypTest assists the user to structure their test plan by starting from a specification, inserting testable requirements, test cases, and test scripts.


Our customisable test tool, NEVADA, for use with a variety of card, device and terminal/POS solutions. Supported by our development team to allow new interface development as needed for new testing projects and technologies. NEVADA is capable of operating fully automated or through manual testing to suit individual customer preference and project suitability. NEVADA is ideally used to support new test plan developments and implementations.


Our American Express qualified test tool used to support our certification lab when performing Expresspay Level 2 Terminal Certifications.

TExAS is a highly automated test tool for providing fast, reliable, repeatable test sessions.

Certifications: Expresspay 4.1 Terminal Certification Suite.

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