In this recorded webinar, Our Global Ambassador Dave Birch was joined by Faith Reynolds who is a Strategic adviser to industry, government, and regulators on Open Banking / Open Finance, and David Fagleman, Advocacy Associate at Finance Innovation Lab. They discussed the status of open banking and the definition of financial health and how open banking could be used to support financial health within the community.

In this webinar David referrers to the following papers, please click on the links below for more information:

Open Finance and Vulnerability: A policy discussion paper points to the major risks that mean open finance could in fact exacerbate the challenges that finance currently poses for people, especially those in vulnerable circumstances. It offers 12 recommendations to policy makers to ensure that open finance contributes to a financial services sector that works for everyone. The paper is the result of collaboration between third sector organisations, first convened by the Lab and StepChange Debt Charity in 2020. ADD LINK

Barriers to Growing the Purpose-driven Banking Sector in the UK is a discussion paper published by the Finance Innovation Lab in December 2020. Written by Lab Senior Fellow Dr. Gemma Bone Dodds, the report provides an up-to-date summary of the state of purpose-driven banking in the UK in 2020. It identifies the different institutions offering purpose-driven banking services, what sets these institutions apart from mainstream banking, and key barriers to growth.

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