[Live from London] Bernard Morvant from Peppercoin presented on building a world of small payments by linking issuing banks, card networks, processors & acquirers, merchants and consumers.

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  1. Peppercoin is merely a bandaid for the much larger issue of transaction fees. Folks need to solve this problem, possibly through legislation or even government involvement (yikes!!), so that retailers aren’t deluged with all of the emerging payment mechanisms simply designed to workaround a much bigger problem. Why does it cost money to spend money????

  2. Why shouldn’t it cost money to spend money??? Someone has to pay to keep the money system going, and that person deserves to be paid as much as anyone else.
    Given that, it follows that there should be a vibrant and competitive market in payment fees, and anything else would be a temporary state of sin or law.

  3. There’s no reason why payments should be free. However it does seem a little unfair that people like me who use cost-effective (say for example) debit cards should have to subsidise people who want to go to ATMs and get cash.

  4. Dave,
    True, and there’s no reason that people like me, who use cash, should have their bank cards revoked because people use their debit cards in insecure terminals.

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