[Dave Birch] At the Visa Bank Card Business School last week I saw a good presentation on the potential impact of SEPA on the payment cards business. It reminded me that Digital Money Forum sponsors ACI Worldwide had commissioned Wendy Atkins — a regular writer for many financial publications, including The Banker, Card Technology Today and “The Smart Card Report” — to write an article called “SEPA – from Discussion to Action”. It’s a really good introduction to the topic for anyone who wants to know what the Single European Payments Area is and what it means.

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As per a previous discussion, SEPA hasn’t happened yet, but it will. The report looks at the potential impact of SEPA on the retail and wholesale banking industries, the increasing commoditisation of payments and the move towards convergence. You can download the article directly from ACI. If you’re a big payments nerd, you might also want to check out the European Payment Council’s SEPA card framework and the European Central Bank’s most recent SEPA progress report.

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