[Dave Birch] The good people of Central Banking Publications have just launched a new quarterly journal called SPEED about “Moving money and securities worldwide”. I thought it must have been a misprint, but apparently it’s true: this fine publication costs a miniscule £160 per annum in the UK and a miserable $290 per annum outside the UK. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I write the column on retail e-payments.

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Settlements, Payments, E-money & E-trading Development or SPEED, a new quarterly journal from Central Banking Publications, focuses on policy developments affecting financial infrastructures at the national and international levels.

Settlements, payment and trading systems are crucial mechanisms enabling financial institutions and all other economic agents to participate in a market economy. Rapid innovation is transforming the way in which payments are made, trades executed and settlements finalised.

Order a subscription by e-mailing Central Banking Publications now.

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