[Dave Birch] Like most middle class English persons, I wake up to the sound of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.  There is a real disadvantage to this, though, because later in the day I sometimes can’t remember which of things I think I heard were real and which were the tail end of a dream.  Who can tell whether stories about robots replacing children riding camels in Dubai or police dogs being muzzled to prevent them from biting criminals are hallucinations or not?  But I just checked on the web confirmed that today really is the beginning of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week.

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I read an article on a plane last week (but of course I can’t remember what the newspaper was, and googling hasn’t found it) saying that, basically, the general public are too thick to understand anything about identity theft so it’s a waste of time trying to educate them.  What we need are credit cards that can’t be cloned (to pick an obvious example) not lectures about looking after our credit cards better.  I wonder if this is really true?  Identity theft seems to be in the news all the time, just like identity cards, but without any worthwhile discussion of what it actually is and what it means.  Should we devote more effort trying to explain the "deep" concepts or is it indeed a waste of time?

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