[Dave Birch] I was at a meeting yesterday — for reasons not germane to this thread — where I discovered something very interesting* about Kazakhstan. A couple of things, actually.

* to people who read blogs about digital money.

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For one thing, it’s a real place (and the ninth largest country in the world by land area). For another, it has the highest penetration of EMV terminals in the CIS and environs, with more than 90% of terminals already converted to chip-and-PIN. So here is a picture for Borat to take with him next time he visits America..


It’s an EMV terminal.


  1. I can’t resist adding this: Kazakhstan’s largest bank, Kazcommertsbank, is deploying Hypercom EMV terminals with Welcome’s XLS payment software loaded in all of them. Lots better than the boring old magstripe cards and terminals used in “more modern” regions. 🙂

  2. Jagshemash
    Borat doubts he will see an EMV active terminal in the U S and A but he did see such terminal at Walgreens that had a slot for a chip card a few weeks ago. Borat though slot was place for man to shave long beard.

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