[Dave Birch]  In a recent meeting, a client remarked that their customer had expressed an interest in purchasing an identity management solution but had been quite unable to articulate what an identity management solution might do, or even what problem it might fix.  This reminded me that a while ago Digital ID World pointed me to an article by Paul Murphy noting out that one of the basic issues with identity management is the interpretation of the words used (mainly "identity" and "management").  What an excellent precis  of the current situation.

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Here’s one model: identity management is about two things.  Identity, by which I mean the digital identities that link the virtual identities stored in computer systems and the real identities they relate to.  Management, by which I mean the "triple A": administration, access and audit of digital identities.  Is this too simplistic?

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  1. I think the model is too simplistic but not by all that much. In my view, one needs to extend management across the physical and virtual worlds and manage in both. I think there is also a substantial difference in establishing/terminating an identity (in either world! :-)) and use of that identity (access, audit). If the use is extensive, then the difference becomes more important (I think…)

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