[Dave Birch] The innovation never ends round here.  Some people have been taking the contents of blogs and turning them into books or, as they have rather tragically become known, "blooks".  (Personally, I prefer "Printed Blogs", or "progs".) We’ve decided to head to the leading edge and surf this new wave, so we have taken the best of the posts (actually, only those posts by employees of Consult Hyperion and blogmeister Jane, for ease of copyright management) from the blog during 2006 and made them into a blook ("The Digital Money Reader 2006") that will be given to delegates at this year’s Digital Money Forum.

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Jane and I have edited the posts (slightly) and organised them (slightly) to create something that I hope our clients, partners and friends will enjoy dipping into when bored on trains.  I don’t expect it to win this year’s Blooker Prize, but I hope that someone, somewhere will send us a nice review that we can put on the site somewhere!

Naturally, there’s a spare copy waiting (or at least, there will be once they get back from the printers) for the first person to comment on this post, excluding employees of Consult Hyperion, blogmeister Jane and members of my immediate family.

My opinions are my own (I think) and are presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public. [posted with ecto]


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