[Dave Birch] If you haven’t seen the agenda for this year’s Digital Money Forum, do take a look.  You’ll see that the miserably low price of the tickets includes a UKP 25 entry fee for a charity Monopoly tournament at the end of the first day.  I hope you’ll join in and have a few drinks, nibbles and fun playing the new Monopoly Here and Now Electronic Banking edition: none of that old-fashioned paper money, just Visa-branded "debit cards" to store your cash.  Our friends at Hasbro UK have got behind the tournament and are donating a number of sets for us to use for the tournament and to give away as prizes during the Forum.  Please get behind them and check out this excellent game.

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Rather than just send cheques to charities, as we usually do, we thought it would be more fun to play Monopoly and then send cheques to charities.  With the fantastic support we’ve had from our Forum sponsors — Visa Europe with support from ACI Worldwide and the StoLPaN consortium — we should be able to make it an excellent event for this charities we have chosen to support this year, which will include the Fountain Centre for palliative cancer care at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

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