[Dave Birch] There’s something of cash replacement meme running around at the moment.  I was interviewed by a major UK-based broadcasting corporation on the subject again.  Why has it become topical again?  I’m sure it’s something to do with the imminent arrival of contactless.

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To replace cash, naturally, we need terminals in places where cash is used currently but is somewhat inconvenient.  A good example is taxis, where Barclaycard has teamed up with London-based Computer Cab (ComCab) to unveil a contactless payments terminal that can be installed in a taxi.  To show how it would work, the terminal has been fitted to ComCab’s new ‘concept’ taxi.  Passsengers can pay for low-value fares by tapping their payment card against the device, which is located in the back of the cab.  It did leave me wondering what the ‘concept’ was, though.  I mean, I understand what a taxi is already, and I also understand the concept of paying for them.  Perhaps someone who has seen it could tell us.

For another concept taxi, the concept being dotcom marketing mania on the street of London, check this out…


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