[Dave Birch] Because of some projects I’m involved in, I decided that I wanted to delve further into OpenID. I hate advising people on strategies with regard to a technology that I don’t understand. I’d already discovered how easy it is to create and use an OpenID, but the next step was to figure out how to enable a site to use OpenIDs in a LAMP stack. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

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Well, I finally got my OpenID log-in working on my personal web site, so if you want to try it out just pop over to my “friends” page and log in. Nothing interesting will happen, because I haven’t put any “friends-only” content there yet, but I will. And as soon as I think of anything remotely interesting to send out the friends e-mail list that has been created, I will do that to. In the meantime… cool.

I you want to know how it works I can send you the PHP code that I ended up with. I can’t pretend I got it all working with a minimum of hassle: I put together what I thought looked about right, wasted a Saturday morning on it and then eventually called in a Consult Hyperion PHP ninja when I went into the office on Monday. Turns out I didn’t really understand how PHP5 classes work, amongst other things.

The next challenge is to try and get something working with Cardspace…

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