[Dave Birch] The blook that we put together for the Digital Money Forum turned out to be rather popular. As one of our consulting clients put it, we’d accidentally invented the perfect business product for the tube! So we’ve done the same for the Digital Identity Forum. Jane Adams and I have taken the “best” (in an utterly subjective contest) posts on the Digital Identity Forum blog over the last year or so, organised and edited them, indexed them and turned them into a blook: a book made from a blog. The blook is the “The Digital Identity Reader 2007” and all delegates to the eighth annual Digital Identity Forum in London on November 20th and 21st — sponsored by the kind, wise, good people at CPP, CoreStreet and ACI Worldwide — will receive a complimentary copy. Less fortunate persons can still order it from Amazon.

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One of the reasons why the response to the blook was so positive was, I think, because people still find it more convenient to flick through a book on the train than to read on-screen. And the nature of the blook — which after all has no narrative structure — that its convenient to be able to dip into a particular theme, flick through it and then put the blook away again. It’s also easier to mark it up with pencil or stickies and show it to people to illustrate a point.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and reviews. Jane and I did receive some useful and constructive criticism of the first blook and we’ve used to make this one even better. We’ve made it bigger (192 pages vs. 120 last time), added a glossary, made the index better and made the themes stronger so it should be easier to browse. We hope you like it.

These opinions are my own (I think) and are presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public [posted with ecto]

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