[Dave Birch] The European Commission’s ePractice.eu is hosting a free workshop on electronic identity in Brussels on February 14th. I’ll be going along to hear three best practice presentations — from Spain, Belgium and Estonia — and to join in the discussion about how to learn from and build on them. See below for more details if you want to come along too.

Here’s your invitation: Electronic-IDs are used in Europe to provide secure online access to eGovernment services. But as a recent IDABC study has shown, this function is provided together with varying other functions and on different media within the Member States. In this new ePractice.eu free workshop you will have the opportunity to meet other high level eGovernment practitioners, explore these and other issues related to eID European experiences and secure online services.

To launch the debate we have selected three recognized best practices that will be presented by their authors in order to identify the key problems and invite you to elaborate possible solutions. Mr. Miguel Alvarez Rodríguez will present the Spanish case “MultiPKI Validation Platform for eID and eSignature Services”, followed by Mr. Luc Smet and “My File, Consulting your personal data in the National Register” (Belgium). Finally, Mr. Tarvi Martens will explain the implementation of ID card in Estonia.

Mr. Gzim Ocakoglum, Title Programme Manager – Co-ordinator of security of IDA networks and enlargement, will deliver the keynote speech and the discussions will be moderated by Dr Herbert Kubicek (Institute for Information Management Bremen) and Baudoin de Sonis (Managing Director eForum).

For more information on the speakers, the cases and the agenda you may visit the dedicated webpage.

Please sign up for the workshop online and do not hesitate to contact us at info4@epractice.eu if you need further information. Your comments are welcome.

These opinions are my own (I think) and presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public [posted with ecto]

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