[Dave Birch] I’m still bathing in the reflected glory of the 11th annual Digital Money Forum — I think the glow is going to take a few days to subside.

Digital Money Delegates

All I did was pester a few people into coming along to talk, chair and sit on panels. All of the actual hard work was done by Gloria Benson and her team: Jessica Mastromarco and Samantha Coultrip front of house, Katie Facey and Scott Demichele in the back, James Sellwood orchestrating and Linda Holloway at HQ. I can’t bear the shame of taking their credit any longer, so here’s a very public thank you to all of them.

The thing is, I’ve been showing the team some of the comments I’ve been getting and I’m so proud of what we all achieved that I can’t resist showing them to you all as well. Now that I’ve given credit where it’s due, I can do just that…

“This year’s Forum was fantastic, speakers were great, lively panel debates and met some good networking contacts.”

“I have to say this has been one of the best conferences that I have attended… I was impressed by the depth of experience of the participants in the payments arena.”

“All in all, attending this conference was a great experience.”

“I calculate that this was my seventh Digital Money Forum and I rate it the best yet in terms of speakers, delegates and venue.”

“I think it was a fabulous and well-organised event – the location was great, the food wonderful, the host relaxed and entertaining and the attendees a great mix from across the stakeholders in the industry.”

“This was my first Digital Money Forum, but it won’t be the last.”

“It was a great event – both informative and enjoyable, so the best kind!”

“I think it was a fantastic event with some really good speakers, and made a real change to the dry sales presentations that I usually attend.”

“I really enjoyed the Digital Money Forum last week and I felt privileged to mix with so many interesting and intelligent people!”

Even I haven’t got the front to continue, so I’ll just say thanks again to everyone — especially to Visa Europe and Webmoney for sponsoring — who made this year’s Digital Money Forum such an outstanding success.

These opinions are my own (I think) and presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public [posted with ecto]

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