[Dave Birch] Remember when Michael Mainelli of Z/Yen invited me along to the Long Finance Institute event. I have to say first of all that it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. As I said, the conversation, discussion and debate caused me to think about a number of the innovation-related discussions that I’m involved in. New thinking is always welcome. I was particularly interested in the “eternal coin”. An eternal coin? Here’s the schtick. Would it be possible to design a coin that never loses it value? Could such a thing exist? If it could exist, what would it be made of? Thought provoking. I subsequently recorded a podcast with the Eternal Coin’s historian, Malcolm Cooper.

The Eternal Coin in the iconic project for Long Finance and in this podcast Malcolm discusses the Eternal Coin and the long history of value.

[From Digital Money: Malcolm Cooper]

This may seem esoteric, but I’ve already been approach by groups who are trying to get funding for systems to store value in renewable energy or local currencies. There’s something going on here, and I’m a long way from understanding it, which is why I welcome discussion and debate around the topic.

Well, if you’re interested in discussion and debate around these kind of ideas, Michael has organised a Realtime Club evening around the topic in London on 15th June 2010:

The Eternal Coin: Physical Endurance or Digital Failure, A Digital Money Event with Dave Birch

[From Dinners Past and Future]

Please do come along.

These opinions are my own (I think) and presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public [posted with ecto]

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