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Undercover at Money2020, our man in Las Vegas ls lost in booths, babes and benjamins. But can agent 0111 stop a killer new technology from falling into the wrong hands? It’s Main Street vs Infinite Loop in the major new blogbuster from CHYP End… welcome to… Pay Another Day

Part 1: From Guildford With Love

Miss Jessica Moneysatoshi looked up.

“She wants to see you, you know.”

“I know, I know” said Bond.

He strode up to the second floor, coffee in hand, and poked his head around the door.

“Good morning G.” he said, a thin layer of glossy cheerfulness covering up the resonance of his gin soaked tonsils, having come straight from the club to work. There was no fooling her though. She knew him too well.

“Now listen here Bond,” she started in the schoolmistress tone she took with him on occasion, “you know perfectly well that there’s a new mission for you and you were supposed to be here at nine sharp to get started”.

Bond was looking across her shoulder and out of the window where a sparrow was hopping along the windowsill, avoiding the insistent drizzle that blanketed the garden, the car park and the old folks home across the way.

“What is it this time G.? Let me guess. You want me to trick those Ukrainian gangsters into attacking another big US retailer? Come on, we’ve done it 100 times, they are still no closer to chip and PIN. Isn’t it time to move on?”

G. sat back in her chair.

“You know I don’t choose Bond. I do as I’m told, and so should you. But, as it happens, this is a big one. The boys and girls upstairs think that the Cold War might be coming to an end. We think there’s going to be some trouble. We think we have an opportunity.”

Bond watched the disconsolate sparrow flutter to a nearby branch. He had no idea why they called it a Cold War. It was hot, very hot. To the general public, the credulous bloggers, the useful idiots in the newspapers and everyone else it looked like a Cold War. But Bond knew what was going on behind-the-scenes, and it was vicious.

“You’ve heard about the mobile wallet I suppose, Bond” she said turning back to her desk and reaching for an iPad covered in Post-it notes.

“Of course” said Bond, “they’ve been talking about it for years. Some sort of secret weapon. The banks and the retailers and the telecommunications operators and brands and uncle Tom Cobleigh and all were trying to get their hands on it, weren’t they?”

As Bond was talking his brain was warming up and by the time he got to the end of the sentence he realised what it was that G. was saying to him.

“Wait,” he leaned towards her. “You’re saying it’s a real! “

He looked at the map on the wall. Her silence told him everything. A shiver ran down his spine, shaking off the remnants of last night in his nervous system.

“Well, well. The mobile wallet is real. Just like the red mercury I spent my Africa days chasing. How exciting. Where is it? Who’s got it right now G.”.

If it fell into the wrong the hands, the results could be terrifying. Sure, no-one cared about the U.S.A or U.S.S.R any more. Those old certainties were gone. Countries don’t matter when it comes to commerce. But if M.C.X or A.P.P.L.E, got hold of it, it would be game over. Everyone in the digital economy would be under their control. And they knew it. 

“That’s the problem,” she said. “We don’t know. You, James, you’re going to find out for us.”

[Part 2: The World Wide Web is not Enough]

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