Real-time payments, right now, with FedNow.

We live in a realtime world and often require realtime payments. As consumers have moved to a mobile first experience, their expectations for immediacy follow suit.  And businesses are pushed to deliver on-demand access to services and products. Behind these impatient transactions needs to sit the infrastructure to support payments in a highly secure, and real time, solution. The Federal Reserve has responded with FedNow, a real-time payments system that enable both individuals and businesses to send and receive payments in real-time. In this blog post, we’ll explore what FedNow is, how it works, and its benefits for consumers, businesses and the wider economy.

What is FedNow?

FedNow is a real-time payments system developed by the Federal Reserve. It is designed to enable instant payments between individuals and businesses, 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that payments can be made and received in seconds, rather than the hours or days it currently takes for many transactions to clear.

How does FedNow work?

FedNow works by providing an infrastructure that connects financial institutions across the United States. The system uses a central clearinghouse to process payments, which enables payments to be settled in real-time, rather than the traditional overnight clearing process used by many financial institutions. To use FedNow, financial institutions must connect to the system and comply with the Fed’s rules and regulations. Once connected, they can offer their customers the ability to send and receive real-time payments using the FedNow network.

Benefits of FedNow

FedNow offers many benefits to individuals and businesses alike. First and foremost, it provides a fast way to make payments. This can be particularly important for businesses that need to make time-sensitive payments, such as payroll or supplier payments. With FedNow, these payments can be made in seconds, rather than the days it can take for traditional payment methods to clear. The transactions occur on infrastructure that is highly secure.

FedNow also offers greater convenience for consumers. For example, individuals can use FedNow to split the cost of a restaurant bill with friends, pay a babysitter or caregiver, or transfer money to a family member in need, all in real-time.

Another key benefit of FedNow is its potential to reduce payment fraud. Because payments are settled in real-time, fraudulent transactions can be identified and stopped before they are completed, reducing the risk of financial loss.

Finally, FedNow can help to drive innovation in the financial services industry. As more financial institutions connect to the system, we can expect to see the development of new and innovative payment solutions that leverage the real-time capabilities of the FedNow network.


In conclusion, FedNow is an exciting development in the world of payments. It offers fast and secure payments, greater convenience for consumers, and the potential to drive innovation in the financial services industry. As the system is rolled out, we can expect to see more financial institutions and businesses adopt real-time payment solutions, providing greater value and better service to their customers.

For over 30 years Consult Hyperion has worked with leading financial institutions and are now globally renowned experts in secure electronic transactions. Understanding the implications of changes in regulation and infrastructure, is key to us helping our clients identify new opportunities. If you have an idea you’d like to test, or a burning question about the future of payments, we’d love to hear from you.

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