The bank business model for APIs: Identity

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In Europe the banks are being forced to open up APIs for third-party access to bank accounts. Obviously, this will cost money and entails risks. But from the work that Consult Hyperion has already done for banks in this area, I think I can see at least one way to build a positive business model around them.

API Blast part 1: PSD, XS2A, TPPs and PSPs

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It’s important to understand why APIs are so strategically important, not only in the payment space but in the financial sector as a whole. I thought I’d put together a few posts on the European banking API environment because it is rather dynamic at the time of writing. So here we go!

The “hot five” retail transaction technologies for our clients in 2014

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It’s traditional in blogs of this kind to have a go at a “top N” set of predictions for the coming year, so I’ll give it a bash and have a go at what I think will be the “hot five” secure electronic transaction technologies that will have our clients updating their roadmaps in 2014.

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