Identity applications

[Dave Birch] What are the IT guys up to at the moment? Do they still see digital identity as a facet of identity management, something that you can buy a product for and tick off the compliance list or do they see it as a strategic component of their organisations roadmap? A little while back, the feeling was that we still weren’t seeing the applications, and I’m sure that’s still the case:

Without revealing too much of our “off the record” conversation, let me say that I left that call with the same frustration I’ve begun to express here as of late: we’re still building identity infrastructure and have not yet moved to identity applications.

[From From identity infrastructure to identity applications | CSO Blogs]

Yet surely almost everything is an identity application. It doesn’t matter whether it’s payroll, customer service or anything else, identity should be used as an integral part of all applications. Not in the simple “government” sense of requiring a single, unique identity for administrative convenience but integral in the sense of drawing on a common set of resources to make all of the applications not only more secure but easier to implement.

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