The numbers game

[Dave Birch] I was privileged to be invited along to the Home Secretary's talk on the roll-out of ID cards (not, sadly, because she reads this blog but because I'm a member of the IPS advisory forum). It was basically an update on the development plan outlined earlier in the year, explaining where the procurement is and what happens next. I imagine the focus of the media coverage will be the announcement that the original plan for all airport "airside" workers to get ID cards in the near future has been revised to an experimental 18-month trial of ID cards at two airports (London City and Manchester) and the confirmation that cards for foreign nationals will start on 25th of this month.

She also talked a little about a potential competitive market for enrollment services, which I think is management consulting fantasy (there's no reason to do anything other than enroll at certain post offices, which would provide a convenient income — Jacqui estimated £200m per annum — for a network threatened with politically unpopular closures and go with the grain of public expectation), and mentioned that a trial enrollment of 15,000 people had successfully detected duplicates and had no failed enrollments at all.

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