[Dave Birch] At the European e-ID conference in Leuven last month, a few basic conclusions were established early on in the proceedings: there is precious little interoperabilty across borders and it’s not obvious what to do about it, although the general idea of moving away from interoperable infrastructure and towards gateways to the “magic bus” seemed to have some currency. Not everyone was as downbeat as me. Perhaps the whole idea of pan-European interoperability is simply too big too take on and it might be better to refocus on more limited but more practical goals. The idea of a few national gateways that could interoperate may be more manageable and I did get involved in a couple of discussions about the layers that would be needed to make this happen. But on reflection, it was another idea that might have more success (because of a more decentralised nature): instead of trying to construct a system for interoperability, try to construct a market.

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