Shrinking sweet spot

[Dave Birch] As you may know, the banks have launched contactless cards in the U.K., aiming for a cash replacement “sweet spot” in the range UKP2.50 to UKP10 pounds, where the speed and convenience should work well. So I was thinking of suggesting to the pub over the road from our office that they install a contactless terminal, thus ensuring a steady stream of traffic from Consult Hyperion as we conduct visitors from around the world in their direction for a contactless lunch. But oh dear..

Shrinking Sweet Spot

I’m genuinely beginning to worry.

There’s going to be a BarCampBank London

[Dave Birch] There’s going to be a BarCampBank in London on 5th July 2008 at Sun Microsystems’ offices in the City. The full details are below. I’ll be there — although I’ll be over at OpenTech later in the afternoon — and look forward to seeing you there to. I’ve been looking forward to BCBL and was really pleased to hear from Frederic that it’s all going ahead.

Not with a bang

[Dave Birch] You probably won’t have noticed, but the paper airline ticket has breathed its last. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has had a thousand souvenir final tickets printed up for distribution to industry luminaries, and that’s it. The 300+ member airlines have switched to electronic tickets…

Those few paper tickets which were printed in recent months will be honoured – although airlines have said this will also come to an end.

[From Paper airline ticket dies this weekend after 75 years – Telegraph]

So there you go. Total dematerialisation, and in a relatively short time. The airline industry has responded to the new technology: It has scrapped something that is based on paper, has worked for generations, is accepted all over the world etc. Paperless progress. It can happen here…

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