[Dave Birch] The first issue of this splendid new newsletter has arrived on my desk. You can download a PDF version of it from the publisher and see the quality for yourself in the comfort of your own home or office. If you subscribe before 1st November (ie, tomorrow) then this fine publication will arrive 12 times a year for the negligible sum of UKP 455 per annum. Did I forget to mention that I am member of the editorial board?

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E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy is a new publication launched to provide all those involved in this fast evolving sector with practical information on legal, regulatory and policy developments.

E-finance & Payments Law & Policy will cover the provision of on-line financial services and payments to both the wholesale and retail markets.

E-Finance and Payments Law & Policy will focus on developments in the UK and the EU but will include reference to developments elsewhere, particularly the US, covering the range of topics relevant to those in the financial services and payments industry including banking, consumer credit, consumer protection, contracting on-line, data protection, distance selling, e-money, financial promotion, IP rights, market developments, money laundering, money transmission, outsourcing, payment systems and security.

The publication is archived online, and a free trial is available.

The first issue can also be downloaded.

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