[Dave Birch]  I thought Digital ID Denizens might be interested in a couple of recent written Parliamentary answers that give more details about the UK government’s planned ID card scheme.

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Note to our international readers: Joan Ryan is the Home Office Under-Secretary for nationality, citizenship and immigration.  Mr. Heald is (I think) Oliver Heald, the M.P. for North East Hertfordshire.

Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether the proposed (a) national identity card and (b) biometric passport will utilise (i) RFID chips and (ii) proximity chips. [96403]

Joan Ryan:Proximity chips are being introduced into travel documents worldwide to fulfil international requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, a division of the United Nations. As both biometric passports and the proposed identity card are, or are intended to be, travel documents, they are required to comply with such requirements. It should be noted that the UK’s new e-passport, over 2.5 million of which have now been issued, includes a proximity chip in order to meet ICAO requirements and to meet the conditions of the US Visa Waiver Programme… In addition to Basic Access Control, proximity chips in the identity card and passport will use other cryptographic measures in order to prevent the information on the chip from being modified. It is also planned that further advanced encryption will be utilised to secure biometric information on the chip of the passport and card in the future. This will comply with Extended Access Control standards that are currently under development at an international level.

Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what the forecast charge is for registering a change of (a) name, (b) marital status and (c) address under the proposed national identity card scheme. [96409]

Joan Ryan: The Government have indicated in Parliament that it anticipates that changes to information on a person’s record on the national identity register that would not require a change of card ( e.g. address) would not incur a fee.

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