[Dave Birch] Our final podcast of 2006 is with Richard Mould, head of contactless payments for Barclays, talking about the recently announcement collaboration with Transport for London.

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Richard has been involved with contactless at Barclays for some time so he has a good picture of how the new technology looks from the point of view of a large retail bank.

My opinions are my own (I think) and are presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public. [posted with ecto]

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  1. I closed my Barclay’s Acct. November 15, 2007 and was given a close out amount. I paid it and went merrily on my way.
    6 MONTHS later my credit rating has dropped 100 points! For Non-payments.
    The Reason, we learned… There was an additional $28 dollars in fees assessed that close out month. I NEVER received any mail or phone calls from Barclays. Instead they assessed monthly late charges and accrued interest.
    After multiple calls we were told to write to the address below.
    Executive Office
    C/O Office of the President
    PO Box 8885
    Willmington DE, 19899
    By a Manager. Our “Manager’s” customer service number is:
    He told us we were out of luck and he had the power to make our life hell. Even though we had in “Good Faith” closed the account and paid off the balance that their customer service person gave us.
    My personal advice based on my personal experience is to beg you for your own sake…. Don’t do Business with these people!

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