[Dave Birch] I’m very pleased to announce that the keynote talk at the 2007 Digital Money Forum (register now for earlybird tickets) will be given by Professor David Edgerton. David is one of Britain’s leading historians, and has challenged conventional analyses of technology for 20 years. Currently the Hans Rausing Professor at Imperial College London, he writes for the broadsheet press and is a regular on television and radio. All delegates to this year’s Digital Money Forum will be receiving a copy of David’s latest book, “The Shock of the Old: Technology in Global History Since 1900”.

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The speed and impact of technological change is just as relevant to digital money as to any other field where the interplay between business, culture and technology change is complex. There have been many discussions, over the years, about the natural tendency of technologists to over-estimate the short-term impact of new technology while simultaneously under-estimaing the long-term impact. David Edgerton’s perspectives wil greatly inform the debate this year. Incidentally, you might want to take a look at some of his other works as well, such as “Science, Technology and the British Industrial ‘Decline’, 1870-1970 (New Studies in Economic & Social History)” and “Warfare State: Britain, 1920-1970”.

I’ll send a copy of “The Shock of the Old” to the first person to reply to this post, excluding (as is traditional) employees of Consult Hyperion, blogmeister Jane and members of my immediate family.

My opinions are my own (I think) and are presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public. [posted with ecto]


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