[Jane Adams] Regular readers of this blog will be aware that Dave Birch really, really doesn’t like the folding stuff. I on the other hand, blessed as I am with the jam jar mentality, find it a bit easier to work with than cards which are a bit too much like toy money for my taste. However all that will be moot once we get going with mobile payments, won’t it?

Not if the mobile operators don’t sort out their customer service issues, it won’t.

Here are a few positives about cash. It is worth the same, whether you are a new customer or old. It doesn’t cease to operate when the system goes down (although admittedly an empty ATM at midnight is a bit of a bore). Keep your wits about you, avoid fakes and you won’t be landed with a non-functioning fiver that is costing you money on a monthly contract while resolutely refusing to work. It rarely requires repeated calls to call centres.

Perhaps I should apologise for bringing the personal to the professional but the point is real – there’s a lot more to simplicity than point and pay. Mobile payments could end up like the proverbial duck – all very impressive above the surface but with a heck of a lot of furious paddling, not all of it productive, going on underneath.


  1. Hooray… a balanced diet eventually on this blog!
    as P Diddy says “cash is the new cool.. anyone can use a card to buy a $10k Rolex, but you have to be seriously rich to pay in Cash…”
    I have this amusing nightmare –
    the outsourcing of EU money supply to a US duopoly all goes horribly wrong. A Mad Max scenario ensues. The Maestro Visa guards stamp out the re-emergence of a Switch counter culture. Laser cards are interned without trial….
    Jane though is ok; she is safely behind the barricades with her satchel of cash.
    A dishevelled David Birch is to be found wandering aimlessly….”but I want to touch and go….”

  2. “A dishevelled David Birch is to be found wandering aimlessly….”but I want to touch and go….””
    I’ll be using World of Warcraft Gold…

  3. “but you have to be seriously rich to pay in Cash…”
    I’m not arguing that people shouldn’t be allowed to use cash, I’m arguing that people who want to use cash should pay for it and the rest of us shouldn’t have to subsidise them.

  4. In his last days of office George Bush III adds virtual universes to the payment processing prohibited list… World of Warcraft joins PartyPoker on the Visa blacklist.
    Now how will you buy WoW Gold?

  5. Mary and Jane buy the same £200 ring at Argos. Mary pays by Visa who charge Argos £4 (2% processing fee). Jane pays in cash which costs Argos £0.40 bank lodgement fees
    Argos price that ring based on their input costs. Who is subsidising who?

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