[Dave Birch] Yet another NFC payment pilot is launching in the Netherlands, and this time the marketing people have got hold of it, so it’s gone green. Rabobank is going to launch a trial later this year to allow shoppers to both pay for purchase and store merchant coupons with their handsets. Rabobank and its mobile phone network unit, Rabo Mobiel, plan to launch the trial in the third quarter with partners including the C1000 supermarket chain. I thought that a nice twist is that shoppers get value added to their handsets for recycling empty bottles and they can deposit this into their Rabobank accounts or use it to make further purchases.

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I’m sure this will be the first of many attempts to add a green sheen to payments. The Netherlands has always been in the forefront, as anyone who saw the “green money” scheme from Utrecht presented at the 6th Digital Money Forum back in 2003 will recall.

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