[Dave Birch] No, not the old Alice Cooper favourite, but my first attempt to edit a book.  Specifically, a book about Digital Identity Management, based on presentations to the Digital Identity Forum.  It’s now over a year late, but… and a drum roll is genuinely required here… it’s finally on the way.  The proofs arrived from the publishers and the editing has been completed, so at last the Amazon entry can be read as a firm expression of intent rather than a whimsical testament to cheery over-optimism.  The book is now scheduled to be out by the end of March and, as was promised, all of the delegates to the 2005 Digital Identity Forum will be sent a copy free of charge.

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It’s entirely my fault that the book has taken so long to deliver.  When I started it, I genuinely had no idea how much work it would be to co-ordinate not only the contributions but all of the paperwork that goes with them.  Most of the contributions were delivered over a year ago, but it took far longer than I had expected to organise and edit them.  Add to this the inevitable problems with diagram formats, bizzare Word formatting, legal departments sitting on contributor’s agreements, incomprehensible jargon and misunderstood TLAs, and suddenly it’s 2007.  I can’t apologise enough to the contributors: sorry guys, but thanks again for contributing.

Still, next time I’ll know what to do!

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