[Dave Birch]  Hmmm. Last time I was in the US I was in an Interesting lunchtime discussion. If you go to a restaurant in the New York, sit down, get served some ice water, and then open the menu to find a notice saying that they accept cash only and do not take cards, do you…

a) Pay $2 or whatever to withdraw cash from the ATM in the restaurant and they pay using that cash and leaving a generous tip.

b) Have a whip-round between you to try and drum up enough cash for the meal, but not for a tip, or

c) Get up and walk out.

Personally, I would go for option

d) Get up, walk out and then report the restaurant to the IRS for conspiracy to evade taxes and potential money laundering.

You have to stick to your guns on some things. I shall be back in the New World shortly and intend to test my theory. By the way, any of my English readers outraged by the criminality, tax evasion and corruption facilitated by cash can now vote for one of Her Majesty’s Governments new-fangled “e-petitions” on the topic. If we can get 100,000 signatures, then in theory they are supposed to discuss it in Parliament—come on over to the e-petition website to vote. I hope my employer won’t object to my non-party political campaigning!

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