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Our experience

We at Consult Hyperion have extensive experience in advising on ticketing and payment solutions for Mobility services, and supporting their development:

  • Transit Agencies: We were the technical consultants at the heart of the original design and development of the London solution. We have since gone on to advise many others across the globe (see map below).
  • International Payment Networks: Following the success in London, we were asked to write the specifications for many of the open payments transit models for the international Payment Networks.
  • System Integrators: As impartial advisers with no products of our own, we work with transit scheme integrators, helping them understand how to add leading edge technologies into their solutions, and sometimes on the client side, keeping technology providers honest.
  • MaaS / MoD / Ticketing Providers: Our deep understanding of the secure payment technologies makes us ideally placed to advise on the integration of various payment instruments into Mobility as a Service and Mobility on Demand schemes.

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What can we do for you?

Our specialist consultants can help you by working closely and efficiently with you to provide the following kinds of services:

  • Comparing the alternative technologies and transit payments approaches to enable you to select the right ones for you.
  • Technology roadmapping to get you safely from where you are today to where you need to be, taking account of emerging technologies and industry trends such as Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Mobility on Demand (MoD)
  • Authoring requirements and technical specifications for your suppliers to meet or reviewing the same provided by your supplier to assure that your requirements have been met.
  • Support procurement processes by authoring tender specification, helping interview bidders and score their responses.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant standards.
  • Testing your new system at each development milestone to ensure a seamless and hassle-free launch.


Transport for London has the first successful deployment of open loop transit payments in the world and overall, the Future Ticketing Project has been a tremendous success for TfL and London. Consult Hyperion played a key role in that success, in particular their responsiveness to client needs and their ability to find lasting solutions.

Matthew Hudson – Head of Strategy, Transport for London

World map pointing out transit work done by Consult Hyperion

Our global contribution

As indicated on the map, we have worked on many automated fare collection projects across the globe and can assist in the design, development and deployment of new systems.

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Meanwhile, take a look at our campaign on promoting contact-free options for mobility services, following the impact of COVID-19.

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